The Equinox Experience Outdoor 2012 will be happening this weekend featuring an abundance of quality acts including headliners Switch and Coming Soon, Equinox New Guy winner Portal who will be performing in the Mother City outdoors for the first time and other locals such as Spliff Politix (Bruce)Tune Raider, Dala and Stereotype. We managed to catch up with one of the organisers Ryan Martin in between his hectic schedule of flying planes and mowing the grass on the dance floor to chat about the Equinox Experience brand and the outdoor party kicking off in just a short few days.

Ryan Martin DJing at Equinox Wednesdays

– The following questions were compiled on behalf of Psymedia by Evan Greenblo.

Psymedia : How did the Equinox Experience come together? What was the idea behind it?

Equinox Experience : A handful of friends all standing on a dance floor had this dream that one day we would host our own trance party but one that did things a little differently. That idea came to life in 2010 when we launched Equinox Experience. We opted hosting an Outdoor Electronic Music Festival instead of a bog standard trance party, as we wanted to move the vibe towards a more uplifting experience and away from the traditional ‘dark’ trance night we have all grown accustomed to. This year we are going all out on our banging night party with new concept visuals that we are sure our fans will love. We suggest arriving Saturday night to be part of the holistic experience we have planned.

Scott Rennie Photography

Psymedia : In a short time, it seems like Wednesdays have become synonymous with Equinox at Fiction… 

Equinox Experience : Yes, EQUINOX Wednesdays at Fiction has grown over the winter with untouchable energy every week, the support has been incredible and we can’t wait to bring our Wednesday crowd to our outdoor festival. Our official after party will be held at Fiction Wednesday 28th November. Hope to see you all there!

Psymedia : Has it been hard establishing a new brand in a scene with so many organisers?

Equinox Experience : The Cape Town EDM family has always been very welcoming and this being our third consecutive event only proves how much this scene is growing. We are so happy to be a part of this family and to expand the progressive trance scene in Cape Town.

Psymedia : How long in advance do preparations start?

Equinox Experience We wake up the morning of the event, and we pull it off before 12h00 (laughs).

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Scott Rennie Photography

Psymedia: Last year’s Equinox Experience Outdoor took place in the first week of October. Why did you decide to move it to late November?

Equinox Experience : Even though we were sentimental about being as close to the actual Equinox, we decided warmer months and happier climates set the overall tone of the party, so we moved it.

Psymedia : One of the welcomed changes is grass on the dance floor. What else can be expected?

Equinox Experience: After last year’s dust, grass was the way forward. Unfortunately the warmer months brought with our green grass unwanted extra vegetation in the form of thorns in certain areas of the venue. We have demarcated foot friendly zones where bare feet are welcome, for all other areas we suggest our fans wear closed shoes. As for what else can be expected; many more surprises can be expected at this year’s event. Just one of them is that MuthaFM will be broadcasting Equinox Experience Outdoor 2012 live on 90.8 FM stereo where you can tune in at the venue even before you enter the experience of your life. A re-broadcast will also be scheduled for a week later, dates and times to be made available at a later stage.


Psymedia : Tell me about the titles behind your outdoors – Genesis, Life and this year’s edition Duality?

Equinox Experience: Hype Media helped us launch our first party in 2010 which was the birth of Equinox – hence Genesis. In 2011, a game ranger nature conservationist found our beautiful new venue and the name transpired from his appreciation of nature and love for Life. This year is named Duality festival; the quality or condition of being dual, meaning two halves makes a whole, both good and evil work together in symbiosis. Nothing in excess, everything in moderation, which results in balance.

Scott Rennie Photography

Psymedia : How do you give back to the local community?

Equinox Experience : In 2010 and 2011, we worked hand in hand with Green Pop where we planted trees at underprivileged schools, the number of trees was based on the number of Equinox fans who attended our events. This year, we will be working closely with a school in the area donating blankets, clothes, stationary, toys etc. We are also collaborating with Adventure Arise and Hoop (Hoopathon on 25 November). Arise and Hoop pledge to hoop for 3hrs if R1000 (or more) is raised not only for World Hoop Day but for the surrounding schools in Philedelphia (Western Cape).

Psymedia : How do you go about selecting artists for the event? Are you trying to incorporate a wide spectrum of genres?

Equinox Experience : As mentioned, we are an outdoor electronic music festival therefore we kick off our events with some sexy techno which is followed by bouncy prog and later develops into the trancy parts of our festival. So yes, the artists are selected based on what they can offer that conforms with our music policy as well as adding something new to the event.

Scott Rennie Photography

Psymedia : This is the second year running the Equinox New Guy competition. Do you feel more organisers should get involved scouting talent?

Equinox Experience: The Equinox New Guy concept was developed to identify undiscovered talent and give them a platform to launch themselves as artists. Psy-Anomic opened the Equinox Experience Life Festival last year with a pearler set and this years Portal will be taking to the stage at 01:00AM on Sunday morning. Big shoes to fill after our international Switch, but we wouldn’t have given that slot unless we knew he could pull it off. His set is going to be EPIC! So yes, it would be great if other organisers did the same.

Psymedia : Thanks for the interview. Any last words?

Equinox Experience Last words: We suggest you get to the party on Saturday night. Trust us! Keep up to date with all event info on our website. Two days to go!!


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