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Soaring Free Superfoods is a South African company that brings you the highest quality and certified organic superfoods from all around the world.

During the pandemic, it’s important to be as healthy as possible and get all the nutrients that you need. Superfoods are great for anti-inflammation, detox and cleansing, digestive health, energy boosting, skin health and stress defense.

What’s even better, all of Soaring Free Superfoods packaging is sustainable – meaning it’s biodegradable or recyclable, made from sustainably farmed wood pulp, is toxin free and uses vegetable ink.

Some of our favourite products on their website include the CBD chocolate bar, super shakes (especially the chocolate boost or vanilla dream) and ashwagandha.

If you’d like to receive 30% off your first Soaring Free Superfoods online order, simply follow this link, and 30% will automatically be applied at checkout.

And yes, they are delivering orders during the South African lockdown.

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