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Only 2.1% of UK Music Fans Support Mandatory Vaccines for Concerts

A recent Music Venue Trust survey said that just 2.1% of live music fans wanted to see certified double vaccination as the sole mandatory condition of entry.

Despite festival lovers in the UK having a high vaccination rate, many of them are strongly opposed to the idea that you will need certified vaccination as the sole mandatory condition of entry into music venues.

Music Venue Trust, a charitable organization, conducted the study recently, with 1,891 people partaking who usually attended festivals prior to the pandemic. Furthermore, 221 grassroots music venues responded to the survey too.

Music lovers eager for events

82.1% of survey respondents said they have or plan to attend a grassroots music event soon. A whopping 91.3% said they have taken extra safety precaution measures – including double vaccination, a COVID test or immunity developed from having the virus.

In addition, 36.8% of the sample’s attendees had taken more than one of the listed precautions. Already 76.3% are double vaccinated, with the number expected to rise to 91.6% of live music fans by the end of September – higher than the general UK public.

However only 8.9% “of live music fans wanted to see mandatory certification of health status as a condition of entry to grassroots music venues,” with this certification presumably involving proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test.

An even smaller 2.1% “of live music fans wanted to see certified double vaccination as the sole mandatory condition of entry.” – roughly 40 respondents out of the 1,891.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out, as many venue owners, event organizers and governments around the world are looking to implement restrictions for the live entertainment industry.

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