With an influential psytrance scene shaped over 2 decades, we’ve seen annual events come and go in Cape Town, South Africa. However, these particular festivals below always leave an everlasting memory.

These are just a few of our favourite Cape Town outdoor music festival gatherings that we’re VERY excited for over the 2018-2019 season!


Next Date: 01 September to 02 September 2018 (Sprung), 24 to 25 November 2018 (Flying Circus)
Music Style: Psychedelic, Progressive

Founded in 1995, Alien Safari is one of the oldest event productions in the country. More recently, they have returned their roots with more intimate gatherings in the Cape Town bringing a much needed old school vibe.


Next Date: 15 September 2018, 03 November 2018
Music Style: Progressive, Techno

A series of day events designed to pay homage to the earth, allow us to reconnect with nature and express ourselves through dance. The music features a curation of techno and progressive artists from day-into-night.

into the wild experience


Next Date: 21 September to 23 September 2018
Music Style: Psychedelic, Progressive, Techno

A global, multi-city music and art festival takes place throughout the world on the same weekend. Make sure you’re on the dance floor for the Prayer for Peace, uniting Earthdance across the globe.


Next Date: 19 to 21 October 2018 (Gaian Dream), 30 December 2018 to 01 January 2019 (Roots NYE Festival)
Music Style: Psychedelic, Progressive, Techno

Coming from humble beginnings, Organik has quietly grown into one of Cape Town’s most respected festivals. Their annual events, Gain Dream and Love Project, provide two opportunities to connect with the outdoors.


Next Date: 22 December 2018
Music Style: Progressive, Techno

Pioneered the day time parties in Cape Town. Love & Light features the sounds of techno blending into progressive psytrance on a warm summer day, with LED backdrops to light up the night.


Next Date: 13 December to 17 December 2018
Music Style: Psychedelic, Progressive

The epic 4 night, 5 day psychedelic festival takes place in the mystical land known as the Circle of Dreams, roughly 2 hours from Cape Town in Riviersonderend. Expect some long journey sets from psytrance legends.

vortex open source 2017


Next Date: 01 February to 03 February 2019
Music Style: Psychedelic, Progressive, Techno

Origin Festival is the first major full weekend festival of the year, presented by Good Time Events / Nano Records. Origin Festival boasts two dance floors and a wide variety of visionary arts and activities over 3 days.

origin festival 2018


Next Date: Easter Weekend 2019
Music Style: Psychedelic, Progressive

A 3 night, 4 day psychedelic festival which falls over Easter Weekend every year. Hosted by Vortex Parallel Universe, who are veterans of the Cape Town psychedelic scene.


Next Date: 01 December to 02 December (SunSpot Activity), March 2019 (TBC)
Music Style: Psychedelic, Progressive

Altered States has quickly become notable on the Cape Town calendar, known for an authentic and underground psychedelic experience in nature.


Next Date: June 2019 (TBC)
Music Style: Psychedelic, Progressive

When did the cold ever stop us from partying in Cape Town? The Vortex crew have been putting on Phoenix Festival of Fire in the winter since 2014 and attendance numbers have only been increasing. If you need an outdoor wiggle during the winter months, this is the place to be.

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